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Default Re: Anyone here playing Sleeping Dogs?

New DLC available

A brand new piece of downloadable content is available to download now for Sleeping Dogs.

The 'Zodiac Tournament', which is available on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC, sends players on a "fight to the death" on a secret island hidden off the coast of Hong Kong.

Players will be introduced to new moves as they explore an ancient temple on Zodiac Island, while fighting off thugs across a selection of trap-filled arenas.

Don't expect a huge new island ripe for exploration, though: a Square Enix rep has previously warned players not to expect something the size of Hong Kong, describing Zodiac Island as "more of a mini-island".

The pack costs 400 Microsoft Points on Xbox LIVE Marketplace, and 3.19 on PlayStation Store and PC.

looks kinda cool .. ill prly buy it, i got some spare points
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