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Default Re: Is the Celtics Big 3 now over?

Originally Posted by Killbot
If Celtics are asking Ray to sign a vet minimum contract, I can't see that he will be willing to stay. Same for Kevin Garnett.

Big 3 is technically over. KG and Pierce dropped off somewhat and Ray dropped off dramatically (most likely that will change after the ankle surgery). Celtics should all be about Rajon Rondo.

Its up to KG if he wants to stay, I think Ainge has no problem giving him a 2 year 18 mill contract. MAYBE 10, but I see Ainge going for KG at 8-9 mill. I also think the contract that Duncan signs with San Antonio will have effect on KGs market since they are the same age with similar impacts for their teams.

Ray is gone.... Even before the injuries, Ray was slowly phased out of the offense and teams started understanding how to defend him on screens.

PP is hard to judge. IF he's in shape he can still be a 20-21ppg 5 and 4 player.
If he gets lazy, he can drop. He's always going to be able to score 16 plus at the NBA level.

Celtics need to get an Athletic lengthy big(Fab Melo)
Id love us to go after Ronnie Brewer who I think would be a great option
I think Avery Bradley can be the scorer off the bench, I don't want Crawford.
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