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Default Re: What am I doing wrong?

If I were you, I think I would start by picking up Murphy for Krystic.

Also, you really need to keep up with all the trades going on for the next couple weeks before the deadline. Salmons and Garcia could gain huge value if Artest is traded elsewhere. Especially Salmons. Foster and Outlaw have been solid contirbutors too, but I dont think they are worthy of being picked up.

Like I was saying before though, the injury big hit you. What I would do is wait on the injured guys to return and raise their stock and then throw something out there for either a PG or a PF/C. In the meantime, monitor the trade situations floating around and stay on top of things. You may be able to turn things around.

One last idea for you is to look into trading your biggest asset, Wade. Maybe you could score a 2 for 1 and get back two really good players. That could help you gain more in a few cats as well. Just something to think about.
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