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Default Re: What am I doing wrong?

Thats what I was thinking. You may want to sit back and see how your players respond to the break. Some of their stock is low right now so maybe if they get out of their funk, you can use them as an extra player in a trade or maybe they will gain back their value completely and you wont even need to make a deal. That guy with the forwards could be an intersting option though. You may want to take a stab at marion too. There are a lot of people including myself who are/were unsure about his value post-trade. This is the lowest he will probably go this season cause I have a feeling the doubters will be high on him in a week or two and get over the idea of him playing on a new team. I'm not quite sure what kind of deal you could come up with there, but if you were send something out right now, I'd start with the Calderon/Gasol deal and see where that goes.
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