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Originally Posted by bladefd
Yup, Bradley still plays good defense. I do wonder about his shooting though.. He feels bit too redundant with KCP though - KCP might actually be slightly better now.

I'm pretty damn sure a mid-season trade is coming. Whoever doesn't play well is out and whoever plays well stays. We have some good trade assets and depth now. Pelinka has done a good job so far.

We still have 1 slot remaining. I'm hoping for Korver. What if we send our rookie to d-league? Wouldn't that open up an extra slot? Iguodala.. Come to the light side of the force >:)

Unfortunately the Grizzlies seem intent on holding out and not letting Iggy go, although he's making like 17 million I highly doubt he'd want that in a buyout, to play for the team he wants to play for. I don't see them getting much in trade - the few contenders that would have anything to offer aren't doing it for Iggy, they may get a trade I don't see it, eventually he'll get bought out but they seem to want to hold him to try to get something from someone. He'd be very handy for 15-20 minutes or even more in the playoffs that's for sure.
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