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Default Re: Rank the peer competition of the all-time greats

I think if we moved this from individuals to teams, Jordan would still be last. His individual AND team competition doesn't compare to any of the other GOAT candidates...yet this dude is the consensus greatest? How the hell did this happen

Of course, why else would you make this thread? Let me just tell you everything you want to hear.

Jordan was sh*t, his competition was sh*t, he had a loaded team in an era that was sh*t, he was a selfish ball hog who only knew how to score when he didn't airball his shots and had Scottie Pippen(The GOAT Chicago Bull) carry him for his whole career. ALL HAIL Fatal9!!!!

I bet you just came in your pants, didn't you?

The same reason Magic and Bird were considered each other's primary competition: they were the best players during their primes.

Yet Fatal doesn't have Magic and Larry listed as each other's competition.
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