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Default Re: Rank the peer competition of the all-time greats

Why are we limiting this to specific positions? Well, stupid question, I know why, so RR can come in and diminish MJ some more.

Why do the quality of the centers Jordan faced during his years not count for anything? He was a slasher first, jump-shooter second.

Hell, I have a theory. Overall perimeter defense in the 80's-90's was extremely better then it is in the 00's because the quality of centers was much higher. A quality center makes it much easier for a perimeter player to play defense.

Hakeem, Robinson, Shaq, Smits, Mutumbo, Mourning, Ewing. These are all centers off the top of my head I would take over any player in that position during the 00's save of course for Shaq who played during both. This was off the top of my head I am sure I forgot a couple as well. All these centers helped their perimeter defenders perform above and beyond.

The 90's was chock full of quality centers, so in conclusion, I would say Jordan's competition was just fine.
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