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Default R. Kelly & Usher stole their new song: Same Girl !!!


R. Kelly & Usher: Same Girl -or- Same Song ??

May 09, 2007. In the world of R&B, stealing music from other artists is commonplace. Last month Beyonce was sued in federal court for recording another artist's work without permission. And now it looks like R Kelly and Usher may be the next to go down. That's because has learned an up and coming R&B group named Nephu is claiming that they're the original owners of the song 'Same Girl.'

A person close to the group reached out to - and asked us to put Usher and R Kelly On Blast! It all started earlier this year, when members of the group Nephu fell out with their record label. The separation was supposed to be amicable.

But a few weeks ago the group learned that their first single - Same Girl - had fallen into the hands of Usher and R Kelly. The insider explains, "[Nephu] has been working so hard to make it ... and their song [was] stolen from vets in the game." The insider continued, "That's the lowest thing that can be done to a group of young black males that [are] on the come up." listened to both Nephu's version of 'Same Girl' and the R Kelly/Usher version - and the similarities are startling. Check it out for yourselves:

Nephu - Same Girl

R. Kelly & Usher - Same Girl

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