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Default Re: Donovan Mitchell looks like the real deal!

Originally Posted by Xiao Yao You
How is he a great fit with Gobert, Favors and Exum who also can't stretch the floor? Sloan is not coach anymore. Hayward will be swarmed by defenders because they don't have to guard the others on the perimeter

Why the **** are the Jazz playing a lineup like that? The Jazz need to play small ball lineups with Gobert at center with guys like Ingles/Joe at the 4.

You keep saying this on repeat...that speaks more to a flaw with the Jazz than it does Rubio honestly.


Those will both be very good imo.

I also think a Favors/Gobert lineup will still work. Rubio just isn't as bad as you make him out to be. Minny got rid of him because he doesn't make sense on that team. I disagree that it is the same. Also, you don't need 4 shooters. Rubio/3 shooters/Gobert...that will be a good offense. But if it is Rubio/Hood/Gordon/Ingles or JJ/Gobert...that has the potential to be awesome on both ends.

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