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Default Re: Timberwolves will interview Larry Brown for coaching job

Although Brown is a great basketball mind, he's not a good fit for the Wolves.

He's an interesting coach, a guy who puts an emphasis on "playing the RIGHT WAY", a great fundamentals guy.

If the Wolves didn't have so much stock in Rubio, I'd actually say go for it, because he'd teach guys like Beasley maturity, a great work ethic, and a solid foundation of basketball basics.

However, Brown's shortcomings involve the improvisation of basketball, it's spontaneity, and free thinking. His style would handicap a creative point guard with strong court vision like a Jason Kidd, a Chris Paul, or a Ricky Rubio.

Ideally, to best suit Brown's strengths you'd want a half court team, who's most talented pieces lie at any position not named point guard.
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