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Default Re: Playing with instincts

Originally Posted by Swaggin916
It definitely helps to have a type A personality. Almost anyone who is anything special in the NBA is a type A personality and a leader. Kobe, Lebron, Wade are arguably the top the 3 players in the game, and all of them the leaders of not only their team, but leaders in life as well. It's their personality. They don't follow anyone... so when if someone is talking shit to them... they think "Who the hell is this guy talking shit? lmao he ain't shit" There are exceptions to this... but they are either so skilled, or so athletic, that they can be effective. They most likely are not star players tho.

Most people (including myself), are not natural leaders. We are followers, and confidence in our own ability to succeed can be effected. The way you combat this (because most likely you aren't going to be able to change you entire personality), is to just get as good as you possibly can. What do you do really well on the court? For me, it's shoot. I don't hesitate for one second and I have confidence that the ball is going in. Why is that? Cus I have been shooting all my life and I spent more time on doing it than anything else. What don't I have a whole lot of confidence? My ability to take someone off the dribble... so I need to practice that more than anything else... dedicate practice sessions to it. I need to practice it with my friends, practice it in non competitive pickup games, practice it anywhere that I can until I feel comfortable with it. Once you are comfortable, your confidence will sky rocket and success will come.

So... eventually your game and your confidence in it will be solid enough to relieve the doubt in your mind put there by that shit talking defender. It's probably always going to bother you a bit, but the guy who is guarding you better be good cus if he ain't he is going to look stupid... cus you are good and you are going to shit on him if he isn't.

the thing about me is i haven't found something I am really good at. I can do everything well but nothing exceptionally well. I am athletic and quick so I use that to take my defender off the dribble. But this summer I plan on improving my jumpshot, drives scoring in traffic and defense.

btw don't you think guys like Kobe, and Dwade developed leadership. Before Kobe used to be a one man show, or a sidekick to shaq (some will say). But he got smarter as he grew older and learned to get his teammates involved I think he developed leadership. Same with Dwade, but Lebron seemed to always be good but he must have had past experiences making him a better leader.

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