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Default Re: Playing with instincts

Let me clarify, leadership in a team environment is developed, but leadership as an individual is probably born with. It's like Dogs... you have the pack leaders, and you have all the other dogs following the pack leader. Kobe has always been an individual leader... he wants the responsibility of winning games for his team. Now, that can be a detriment, because for a while, he didn't trust his teammates... he wanted to do it all himself because he was the only one he felt he could trust. He eventually started to trust his teammates because he saw that they could be effective... and he developed into a team leader.

Yea man just continue to work on those things that you aren't as good at. Mainly focus on what you need to be a good PG though... and of course what your coach wants. He won't play you if you don't do what he needs you to do, so find out from him what he wants (if he hasn't already told you) and work on those things at least 5/7 days a week until you master them. You still need game success to feel totally comfortable with them... but let's say right now your shot drops 20% from practice to a game... well if you raise your practice percentage 20%, it will cancel it out and you will now shoot 20% better in games (in theory). Practice makes perfect man.
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