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Default Re: Need a clutch shooting game? Play seven.

Originally Posted by RidonKs
this is calle 'bump' or 'knock-out' where i'm from, depending on whether you're allowed to whip your ball at someone else's and send it down to the other end of the court. been playin that since like 5 y/o haha. dunno if those names are universal tho

i still play a solo game that i'm pretty sure thorpe suggested years ago. iirc it was a game ray allen played to work on his jumper. bear in mind this isn't for set shots, its for rapid fire to make it a contest. it's really simple. start at 0, every shot you make you add 1, every shot you miss you subtract 2. try to make it to 10 before you make it to -10. sometimes i do it for baby hooks and reverse layups if i wanna make it easy. other times catch and shoot midrange as i said. also a good game to play with a partner rebounding as you dance around the three point line and get some rhythm going.
Here it's called Americanke or Caravan, depending on the region.

I also sometimes do a run-along the paint line, stepping forward on a make and taking a step back on a miss, trying to go full 180 degrees. It's a deceptively time-consuming task.

When I'm alone I try to make 200 shots from not-in-the paint, so they are mainly midrange shots, with a three every 50 or so, and I try to finish with 3 threes in a row. Sometimes I take a layup or a hook to get the streak going, but they don't count itself. That's a good workout if done in a hurry, it takes me around 1,5 hr or more to complete (which might be a terrible result but still depends on how many off-record shots you take, and how much time you take to get a proper set shot, because they are way more accurate than fallaways that drain stamina).

Yeah it sucks when there's nobody to play with. However, it's a good opportunity to develop a drainer.
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