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Default Re: Need a clutch shooting game? Play seven.

I also sometimes do a run-along the paint line, stepping forward on a make and taking a step back on a miss, trying to go full 180 degrees. It's a deceptively time-consuming task.
around the world! pet names are hilarious haha

i've intentionally gone down around dusk and then there's a time stamp on it which rushes me which makes me fk up. you're right though, it is deceptive. i always nail the first four until i get to the elbow or ft line and somehow my shot goes funky and i completely lose my form. i think that's a psychological/expectations kind of thing.

When I'm alone I try to make 200 shots from not-in-the paint, so they are mainly midrange shots, with a three every 50 or so, and I try to finish with 3 threes in a row. Sometimes I take a layup or a hook to get the streak going, but they don't count itself. That's a good workout if done in a hurry, it takes me around 1,5 hr or more to complete (which might be a terrible result but still depends on how many off-record shots you take, and how much time you take to get a proper set shot, because they are way more accurate than fallaways that drain stamina).
that's intense. i'm nowhere near that regimented, the game i described above and around the world are pretty much all i do. then i turn lazy and start lofting hook shots and shitty double clutches around the paint. then i go home.

my jumper is really unorthodox... err ugly. guys at my scrimmage have called it a screwball. never the right backspin on it, but somehow i make a decent number of them. something i've noticed lately is how much i palm the ball shooting instead of using my fingertips more. i think that's another ray allen lesson i picked up from somewhere.

i'm a streak/rhythm shooter anyway, as i said, my mechanics are balls

where do you live?
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