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Default Re: The Joke Of Total QBR Exposed

Originally Posted by West-Side
Not if it's a close game and you're trying to actually win the game.
Than your performance throughout the game matters.

I don't care about the QBR, I'm giving you a general overview of why clutch play is critical to evaluating QB's value.

It's not a matter of perception, it's a matter of reality.
If your QB (aka Manning) can rack up stats but fails to win big games, or has miscues in the 4th quarter; should you not penalize him for that?

Considering the QB is the single most important position on a team in late game situations.
QBs don't win or lose games, TEAMS do...52 other players and a coaching staff...THAT is 'reality'

more REALITY: A TD scored in the 1st quarter has literally the same impact on the final score as a TD in the 4th quarter...they are literally worth the same amount, they literally are equal in determining a winner.

Passer rating treats all TDs as equal (the way it should be)
QBR treats 'clutch TDs' as far more valuable than other TDs (flawed logic)

That is why we see QBs with 4 TDs and no INTs getting crap QBR stats, because their good play came early in the game rather than late, which is stupid considering all TDs are equal.
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