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Default Re: The Joke Of Total QBR Exposed

Originally Posted by ~primetime~
You guys who feel like not all TDs are equal, you believe 4th Q TDs >>> 1st Q TDs, "clutch" is all that matters, etc...Total QBR is the stat FOR YOU, it was made for you.

ESPN saw people complaining that passer rating didn't account for 'clutch' moments, nor did it account for what ESPN did was create a stat that puts all the emphasis on TDs/yards/INTs scored late in games when the score is close.

QBR explained:

read the bold

minimum situations are worth 0.3
maximum is worth 3.0

That means a TD scored late in the 4th is worth 10x more than a TD early in the 1st.

In other words, ESPN created QBR as a way to make stat padders in garbage time and against prevent defenses look better than they really are.

As in, ESPN created the stat to slobber on the knobs of guys like Peyton Manning and Aaron Rodgers.....and now it is backfiring on them, because the stat is so ridiculous.
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