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Default Re: This Years Gigantic Sleeper Is...

A starting SF, a starting PF/C, a now (he is a starter at the 3 now right?) starting SF, are your sleepers?

Hakim Warrick is my sleeper of choice. I have no idea how Memphis's rotation has looked this preseason, not that it matters. They're going to suck and every one will get their chance to carve a starting role. Look at his numbers after the Pau trade when he started at the 4. Gasol's a fullbred 5, the Iranian guy I have no clue about, but you've got to figure on his minutes being deferred to Warrick at least in the first 1/3 of the season or so at the 4 spot. Darko's a solid category guy in deep leagues, but I can't see him getting consistent enough minutes to contribute on a consistent basis.
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