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Default Re: Official ISHall of Game

ISHall of Game Circle of Honor - Tier One

Game: The Guardian Legend
Console: Nintendo Entertainment System
Character: Bonk
Series: Final Fantasy

ISHall of Game Circle of Honor - Tier Two

Controller: Sega Saturn (Japanese)
Gaming Website: Digital Press


Rhyme and reason with my selections…

The Guardian Legend is a masterpiece - shooting action combined with Zelda adventure

NES - The console that revived a dead market and shot it into the stratosphere!

Bonk - He's cool and has attitude

Final Fantasy - a franchise that has done it all… Even though I feel FFVII is overrated, its still a great game and there is a reason it has its acclaim

Saturn Controller - the most perfect controller… well built, great layout, good size. I even have one for my PlayStation systems…
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