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Default Re: Official ISHall of Game

ISHall of Game Circle of Honor - Tier One

Game: Resident Evil. I just downloaded on PSN. Incredible how bad it looks and controls. But I still love it. (I was very close to saying Zelda 1, whose open map and overhead view really changed games for me, from something amusing to something I had to figure out. RE, especially the first one, with the way the house opened up, was sort of a more mature version of that. Vice City was also an option. Obviously not as clean or developed as either of it's later incarnations, and not as huge as the following installment. But it's sense of time and place was incredible, Miami in the 80s. Really major voice acting. More open ended play. And really funny with ton of Satire.)

Console: PSII. Incredibly long viability. Huge library that includes so many of my favorites.

Character: Lara Croft (Aha!) Another series that is close to my heart. All the puzzling elements and exploration stuff was right up my alley. It got a little too out there for a while though, with cloud city levels and stuff. The auto targetting on the move was so much fun. And all the crap she could do before most other characters, run, walk, run and shoot, shoot one handed or two, all the weapon switching, the climbing, jumping, crawling, shimmying, strafing, swimming. And the little details you could find, like the handstand and the swan dive. She could do so much stuff to get from point A to point B at a time when a lot of characters were trained military killers yet couldn't jump, or negotiate a three foot wall. And the animations were great. And she wore short shorts and great cans, I know.

Series: GTA. Everything from Vice City on has been completely absorbing for me. (RE is close for me too, as 4 is really close to the top of my list as well as one. But there's been too much iffy side story crap I've bought over the years, and even 2 felt too linear to me, and actually disappointed a bit. It was like a tree design. You can go one of two ways, one had a locked door, the other a key, which opened the door, and gave you another two options. I liked this most recent one, but not nearly as much as I had hoped. It's probably the most linear of the series, and mission based at that. But the story and combat worked well. I know I was destined to be disappointed, and I was a bit. I stopped playing Zelda after 2, otherwise it would probably be higher.)

ISHall of Game Circle of Honor - Tier Two

Controller: NES Advantage (Those turbo buttons really were cheating). The dual shock 2 is close though. I'm surprised no one has brought up the Wii controller yet, the controller that sold a billion systems.

Cover: I can't remember too well. This was a great cover recently that I remember:

Gaming Website: I use four:, in part because I get the magazine for free, so I can sign in. I think because I accidently typed it in trying to get to Gameinformer once., IGN is the most classic of them, easy to navigate, and has a wealth of info on games that you may be playing, so I'll say IGN is the best. The best at helping you through a tough spot without just telling you step by step., which has the most breaking info. Kotaku is better than IGN for new release and development info. It's worth checking out.

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