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Default Re: NBA scorekeeper discussion. Im just that bored.

But I decided to help Wilt in another way. So I went to a Boston-Warriors game in the Boston Garden and secretly kept track of the rebounds of both Wilt and Russell. When the game ended, I went to the press table and asked what the rebound totals were for Wilt and Russell. The response: "Russell 35, Wilt 22." My response, "Well my totals are Wilt 34, Russell 21." They sat open mouthed when I produced my evidence of the time and type of every rebound that each player had. A Sports Illustrated writer nearby heard the conversation and asked me what it was all about. I told him and the next week SI had a story about the incident. Wilt and I chuckled on reading it, but Red Auerbach didn't. For many years thereafter he didn't talk to me, but how we were reconciled is another story that doesn't concern Wilt. When Wilt was writing his book, he often called me for information. In fact, if you look at his books, you'll find me credited. He loved talking with me and most times he was the one that initiated the call. I'd love to have the money those phone calls cost him.

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