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Default Re: Marcus Smart shoves a fan

Originally Posted by Foster5k
You apparently never heard of the term verbal abuse. Sometimes, verbal abuse can do more damage than physical abuse.

These aren't just brain washed kids as you call them. Bullying and taunting has resulted in many deaths throughout history in schools, neighborhoods, nations, etc.

Just because it isn't you getting bullied doesn't mean it will not effect you in some form or fashion.

Look at Nazi Germany. First they bullied/taunted the Jews. The end game was mass extermination. Even the Germans that did not bully the Jews or cause one single death, paid a price for what happened.

Remember to not just think that these so called brain washed kids are someone else's problem to deal with or their problems are not real or whatever. Ultimately, the entire nation has a problem if these so called brain washed kids have one.

This, this post right here, GOLD medal for worst post of all time on ISH

Congratulations pal, you're the dumbest piece of trash in the world
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