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Default Re: Greatest shoes of all time

Originally Posted by Blingster

Quite easily, THESE.

No modern, over designed, alienating, ghetto colorways for me like the LeBron "South Beack" or the Kobe VII with snake skin pattern and yellow, purple, and gold.

The best of all time for me is a combination of elegance, style, class, functionality, and performance.

The best bball shoe of all time is the AJ XI

In ANY of the colorways. It looks so sleek, so sexy, and so classy. While also being performance beasts.

I want to be able to hoop in expensive shoes, and rock them and break necks. I don't want them having to have a niche outfit in my closet either. I don't want them colored like a ghetto bowl of "look at me" color fruity pebbles.
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