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Default Re: Has a team ever won the NBA Champioship being LAST in the NBA in Rebounding?

Originally Posted by 1987_Lakers
The '95 Rockets are one team that comes to mind. They were a below average rebounding team.

Oh yeah, can't believe I forgot them with that 4 out/1 in system with Hakeem surrounded by shooters. It didn't give them many offensive rebounding opportunities and they were playing a smaller lineup more frequently as opposed to the previous year when Thorpe was a key player so they were hurt on the defensive boards as well. The '94 Rockets weren't a good rebounding team overall either because of the system, but that's deceptive. Their system prevented them from getting many second chances, but they were still a good defensive rebounding team with Hakeem and Thorpe as well as Horry at the 3.
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