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Default Re: Rate the last movie you watched.

Originally Posted by Graviton
I bumped TDKR to 8.5 after I judged it individually instead of the sequel to a masterpiece.
I think that would be a spot on rating for it ...

Begins: 9/10
TDK: 10/10 (Nolan's Magnum Opus)
Rises: 8.5/10

Originally Posted by Gavitron
Gangster Squad was more of a 5 I guess, still you only watched 25 minutes mon, trust me it gets better in a shitty laugh out loud way.
I was told it gets worse, and I guess if you just start treating it as a non serious movie you can like it (as you say)

But the material in the film takes itself seriously, which clashes in tone with it being a cornier version of the Untouchables. It's a movie that is attempting to be serious that is inadvertently funny.

My dude told me at the climax the protagonist and antagonist just start boxing?

Only parts I enjoyed were Gosling's deliveries. I have a man crush on dude. He just has too much charisma.
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