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Default when will the rest of you knick fans admit that amar'e was a consolation prize?

...brought in more for his name than his game. i've never been a STAT fan and legitimately believe he is the single most overrated player of this generation. STAT is a horrific passer and even worse defender. he settles for jump shots and even thought he was a 3-point shooter earlier this season he's an average (at best) rebounder for his career given his size and athletic ability, and that athletic ability is quickly starting to fade. while i respect him for coming to the knicks and he does seem to get "it" as far as the media and being a teammate goes, his game just isn't worth what he's getting paid. period. let's face it, the knicks got him just to add a big name to the roster. if they thought he could be one of the best two players on a championship team then our front office is/was more incompetent than i thought.

i just want to know why it seems that knick fans and the media are giving amar'e a pass through all of this. is it because melo is the bigger name? the best amar'e has ever looked was the first half of last season and that was only good enough for two games over .500.

what's funny is that the past week or two i've heard knick fans blaming melo, d'antoni (who gives me ulcers btw) and jeremy freakin' lin (on a minimum contract and honestly, even if he ends up a career backup that still exceeds ALL expectations) for our struggles and amar'e isn't getting any of the blame. did nobody watch STAT gift wrap 26 points, including the game winning put back to ersan f*cking ilyasova? read that name one more time. sure, melo made dunleavy look like an all-star but he actually got hammered for it in new york. STAT? gets a free pass from all the newspaper and radio people.

i understand that melo is a ball stopper and doesn't play defense either. and, like STAT, he's not much of a passer... but let's see some equal blame thrown around here. i'll never understand the love affair knicks have with amar'e stoudemire. he's the walking definition of overrated and over paid and i think the team is completely f*cked as long as he's on the roster.

what really sucks is that we're stuck with him for a couple more years - nobody's taking on that contract on those knees. looks like the frustrations for the fan base will only continue.
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