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Default Re: Places to go for a first date

Originally Posted by L.Kizzle
The thing about non chain places is that some chicks are real picky. I'd be cruising with ladies and say "lets go here, or here or here." Since they've never heard of the place, they'd pass on it. They would rather take the safe route on a place they been before or at least heard of.

I'm more of a non chain restaurant guy myself, but when a chick would rather go to Red Lobster or Chilii's than that's what we will do.

All the chicks I've been with have never been on the high end of the food chain, so that's good. I've never had that problem. Good ladies that would rather have a god time than be wined and dined at a 5 star restaurant for show and tell.

Right but you're assuming the whole other end of the spectrum (5 star restaurant, show and tell etc.) when it comes to a first date when we say, "dont go to a chain restaurant."

No way I'm going to ****ing Chilis if the girl wants too.
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