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Originally Posted by Toni
Phoenix North is great.
Nash is old, Calderon slow.
Should have kept T.J.

What should have kept TJ?

we should have drafted Brandon Roy
We shouldn't have traded Marcus Camby
We should have drafted Shawn Marion instead of Alex redoivich(I don't know how to spell his name)
We should have drafted Kobe Bryant instead of Camby
We should have Benched vince and held out for a much better deal for him
We should have thrown rediculouse money at T-Mac before he left for Orlando!
We should have resigned Billups
We should have kept Roger Mason on our bench
this list can go on and on

But if we did all the above

Our fantasy line up would be rediculouse


& yes I would start Marion at the 5 and T-Mac at the 4


But this is the past and no matter what you can think about it but you must move on because you can not change the past!
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