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Default Re: Mitch Kupchak A Gm ?

Originally Posted by Liberalo
He's actually gotten better with drafting, much better.

But overall, my problem with him is pretty much everything, including drafting too.

Poor drafting
Poor FA signings
Not adressing defense
Not adressing inbalance
Not adressing the lack of talent.
3 years of Kobe era and where exactly are we? Right.
Shaq trade I understand.
Caron trade I understand but the Lakers got ripped off.
PG position. Over 200 games of Chucky Atkins and Smush Parker starting with people like Tierre Brown playing main backups.
Having Samaki Walker as a starter.
Not making any deadline deals...ever..

And there's much more. He gets a straight F.

How can anyone in his right mind still support Kupchak? That's right, no one can.
It's obvious to everyone that he's a terrible GM.

He did do some goo moves though but negatives outweight the positives and it isn't even close.

But overall, he's an idiot.

Quoted for Truth!

I'm with Liberalo...and to add on, have we ever done anything with expiring contracts? Ever?
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