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Default Re: Mitch Kupchak A Gm ?

Those are some good points about trading for star players but the Lakers had their chances.

Baron Davis was already packing bags for LA.
Artest was living in LA.
Kidd could've came.

There may be other stars, too.

I think what people don't see because of their perception on Kobe is just how many star players want to play for the Lakers.

Artest got the text message from Kobe and it said "we need you here" or something like that. Phil also always wants those star players.

Yet they never do a thing. Never.

Well, okay, they didn't get any stars...fine.


Why didn't they upgrade the talent level?

If anything, we even have less talent now than in 2005. Just pitful. Pitful is the word. Terrible.

They're so incompetent that it's disgusting.
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