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Default Re: Mitch Kupchak A Gm ?

Baron Davis was already packing bags for LA.
Baron is a great player but his price form the hornets was too high 63 million over 4 years and nobody at the time had seen him play since his heel injury, he was at war with byron scott because he refused to rehab with the hornets people and chose to do it on his own.... at the time nobody in the NBA was willing to gamble on him, his attitude or salary
Artest was living in LA.
the guy is fruit loops the further he stays away from LA the better, the day Mitch signs him is the day I start saying mitch is a lousy GM
Kidd could've came
. as I have said before, I think the Lakers held him back for a reason that we may see soon (read earlier post)
would love to have him... was he ever a real option?? he's under contract with the jazz for 5 years, not sure what your getting at plus he was never really on the table he did the back door deal with the Jazz and screwed the cavs royal... err now that i read up on him phuck him he's a weasel
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