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Default Re: My Crazy Draft Analysis


31. Portland Trail Blazers (via Cleveland Cavaliers): SG Allen Crabbe, California
I really liked Crabbe, and couldíve justified him going way earlier, so in spite of some duplication with McCollum, this is a good pick to me.

32. Oklahoma City Thunder: SG Alex Abrines, Spain
Abrines to me is better than the other picks OKC made. A title contending roster aint getting a ton of help at this point. Stash away Abrines, one of the best Spanish prospects out there, and hope you get your Manu Ginobili in three years.

33. Cleveland Cavaliers: SG Carrick Felix, Arizona State
Felix was a guy who wasnít much on my radar until a few weeks ago, then I read he was totally in the Franklin group of defensive wings. This is the type of guy who can last in the league just shooting and defending off the bench. This does mean the Cavs used three picks on guys who kind of all play SF though, which is a little odd, but at least they got a possible roster piece in the second round.

34. Houston Rockets: PG Isaiah Canaan, Murray State
Canaan is the perfect fit for the Rockets, who needed a backup for Jeremy Lin and could use another shooter. Heís got some former Rocket Kyle Lowry in him. And a little Kings PG Isiah Thomas.

35. Washington Wizards (via Philadelphia 76ers): SF Glen Rice Jr., NBA Development League
Love this pick for the Wiz. Had they not taken Porter at three, you coulda talked me into Rice starting next year. Rice has more size than most of the other wings in this glut, and was a very good rebounder against grown men in the DLeague last year. He provides some flexibility defensively with size and athleticism on the wing, and you could use him to go small and move Porter up to PF for small stretches next year. This is a playoff team to me.

36. Sacramento Kings: PG Ray McCallum, Detroit Mercy
McCallum is a pro athlete, and part of a clump of PGs in the second round that I think could fit in the league. He got some knocks for not being pass first, but he was by far the best option at Detroit and playing for his father. He may level off, and because of his size and body, may be able to wrestle the starting spot away from Isiah Thomas, who may really be better suited to being a bench change of pace guy.

37. Detroit Pistons: F Tony Mitchell, North Texas
This is a home run of a gamble pick to me. Had he gone 20 spots sooner, I couldíve defended it just because of what he is physically. And heís actually got more skill than most guys of his knucklehead ilk. Heís a pretty good shooter and ball handler for his body. And he fits here some to me. He can play a little SF, or be an ideal small ball four. With Monroe being such a good passer, if he can keep his head in the game and cut off of him, his body could pay off. Or he may never get it. But at this point who cares.

38. Philadelphia 76ers (via Washington Wizards): PG Nate Wolters, South Dakota State
Wolters is another one of the backup PG clump. He can really really shoot it, but he just wonít be able to defend in the league. I like the fit in Philly. I could see him playing next to MCW off the bench and that way you can hide him some on the worst offensive perimeter player because MCW and Turner can cover a wide range. He wonít play a ton, but his shooting and creativity can give him 10 minutes a night sticking in the league.

39. Portland Trail Blazers: C Jeff Withey, Kansas
Withey at one point was being projected in the first round, and I really didnít like him. But here he makes tons of sense. His shot blocking gives him a pro skill

40. Portland Trail Blazers: PF Grant Jerrett, Arizona
I admittedly donít know a ton about Jerrett, but has a big frame and apparently a great jump shot, He will require some patience. But still, in five years, he could be a starter if everything breaks right. Thatís pretty good at this point

41. Memphis Grizzlies: SG Jamaal Franklin, San Diego State
Franklin widely was expected to be picked in the first round because of his remarkable athleticism. But he plays like a power forward with the body of a shooting guard. He'll have to improve his perimeter skills, but his defense and rebounding could really help a team. Heíll stick because heíll compete. He fits the Grizzlies culture too. You could totally have him step in and replace what Tony Allen does

42. New Orleans Pelicans (via Philadelphia 76ers): PG Pierre Jackson, Baylor
Size is an issue, but Jackson is a tough little bastard, and will play

43. Milwaukee Bucks: SG Ricky Ledo, Providence
Like everyone else, I know little about Ledo other than what Iíve read. His upside is apparently genuine. I had heard rumors of him up near the mid twenties, so here he seems like a steal. He may have more potential than anyone in the second round

44. Atlanta Hawks (via Dallas Mavericks): C Mike Muscala, Bucknell
I loved Muscala at the combine. He totally has skills. And Iím less concerned about him athletically than I am strength wise. I feel like heíll stick as big depth that can be trusted with the ball. Defenitely an asset

45. Portland Trail Blazers: PF Marko Todorovic, Montenegro
I have to admit I know nothing

46. Denver Nuggets (via Utah Jazz): PG Erick Green, Virginia Tech
Green led the nation in scoring, and was the ACC player of the year in spite of playing on a terrible team. He may be capable of more things and just couldnít do it because his team required him to score so much, or he may just be able to come in off the bench as a scoring threat for short bursts. Either way not a bad gamble at this point

47. Atlanta Hawks: PG Raul Neto, Brazil
A draft and stash PG I know little about, but have read good things about. Considering they took Schroeder in the first round, if he does develop, you could be looking at a trade piece down the road

48. Los Angeles Lakers: PF Ryan Kelly, Duke
I actually liked some of Dukes recent guys as under the radar NBA prospects, like Kyle Singler, but Kelly I donít get, even at this point. Ryan Murphy who went next to me was a better version of the same type of player

49. Chicago Bulls: PF Erik Murphy, Florida
Murphy to me at least has the body to pretend to play inside and stretch the floor on the other end from the PF spot. Doesnít have the foot speed to even pretend to play SF to me. Could fall into the fellow Gator Matt Bonner roster filler spot

50. Miami Heat (via Atlanta Hawks): SF James Ennis, Long Beach State
I know nothing

51. Orlando Magic: PF Romero Osby, Oklahoma
I actually saw 5 or so Oklahoma games this year, and always came away impressed with Osby. He seemed like a possible big SF in the NBA to me, or a smallish, active four. He competed hard every time I saw him, and seemed like an NBA athlete. Not terribly skilled, but he could make a roster. As bad as the Magic are, they still might not be a great fit because of their young big depth, but maybe, or maybe he sticks someplace else

52. Minnesota Timberwolves: PG Lorenzo Brown, North Carolina State
Iíd call Lo Brown a steal this low. A bigish PG, heís got real PG vision. He tends to drift in and out of games, which isnít good for a backup, but maybe playing 10 minutes a night will sharpen his focus

53. Boston Celtics (via Indiana Pacers): C Colton Iverson, Colorado State
I truthfully donít know enough to say much. But they do now have this guy, Kelly Olynyk, and Fab Melo on the roster. Thatís a lot of big guys.

54. Philadelphia 76ers (via Washington Wizards): PF Arsalan Kazemi, Oregon
I know nothing

55. Denver Nuggets (via Memphis Grizzlies): PF Joffrey Lauvergne, France
I donít know anything

56. Detroit Pistons: PG Peyton Siva, Louisville
Iíve seen tons of Siva. Were he able to shoot, he couldíve been a first rounder. Heís too gamble oriented, turnover prone, to be an ideal backup. But boy is he a pain in the ass defending full court, and itís possible he sticks just to do that and go nuts tempo wise for short bursts in the league

57. Phoenix Suns: C Alex Oriakhi, Missouri
Oriakhi totally has the body to stick as PF depth in the league. Heís a tough SOB.

58. San Antonio Spurs: SF Deshaun Thomas, Ohio State
Thomas is a crazy tweener. He seemingly canít defend any position. But heís almost like a scoring savant. Mid range jumpers, can bounce it some, catch and shoot. I love this pick this late. You can do some things with this guy if you can hide him defensively

59. Minnesota Timberwolves: PF Bojan Dubljevic, Montenegro
I know nothing

60. Memphis Grizzlies: SF Janis Timma, Latvia
I know nothing
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