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Default Re: My Crazy Draft Analysis

And Iíll add a comment about the Net Celtic trade, that was such a part of this night. Iím a Celtic fan, and it will be hard to see Pierce in another jersey, but I get it. This is perhaps the most aggressive rebuild project the league has ever seen. I canít remember a team tear it down this quick. And thereís been a lot of knocks about them trading two HOFers for three late first rounders. But the fact is by the time those 16 and 18 picks come around, the Nets could be pretty bad based on age, and not having much financial flexibility, or picks to tinker with their roster, so those picks could be pretty high, and getting added to a roster of guys who should be high picks in 14, plus a second first rounder in 14, and Iím of the mind that they may more Rondo for even more.
Iím not thrilled about sucking the next couple years. Iíve got more questions about Wiggins than most, but I do love Randle, and canít wait to see the depth in next years draft, especially near the top. I think if nothing else this will be an incredibly interesting experiment.

And this 2013 draft was fascinating to me. So much flexibility at the top, and so much depth. Almost nothing at the PF spot, but a lot of functional size. All those backup PG types in the second round. Just a crazy draft, and it played out that way.
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