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Default *NCAAF Championships: SEC and Big 12*

Dang I can't wait 'till Saturday to find out who we play in the championship!!! I mean UT as in we and I know we're gonna beat the Cornhuskers so I'm just waitin to see who we play!!! I mean also I gotta think like the players and coaches are and not think beyond Sat and just focus on the Big 12 Championship game and just focus on Nebraska rather than looking in the future. Our biggest game right now is on Sat and we have to take care of Nebraska first. Cant wait for both games though as I'm a die hard UT fan! Its goin down Sat at 8:00 PM ET on ABC!!! It also is going down on CBS at 4:00 PM ET!!! Who would yall rather play if yall went/go/or is a die hard UT fan? I'd rather play Bama cuz Florida is just straight up scary...Tebow is just ridiculous...I mean I have no words for him and his offense...and their D is really good I mean I dont wanna face Bama but I'd rather choose them over Florida. What'd yall say???
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