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Default Re: *NCAAF Championships: SEC and Big 12*

Originally Posted by DeuceWallaces
Just like how Oklahoma was clearly better than Utah but got trounced against Florida? Just how everyone was sure Boise St. would get trampled 3 years ago?You have no clue who's better. They're all undefeated. That is the problem with the current system.

And how do you know they're tough conference games when all they do is play each other?

Not relevant in my opinion. There's no connection. The only real argument that can be made is that Texas should have played instead of OU. You have a point with Boise State though. That's only one example though but a good one.

And you know they're tough conference games by watching the teams actually play. The conference teams that TCU play are used as cupcake non conference teams for the Big 12 and SEC.

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