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Default Re: New stats on Carmelo Anthony, Amar’e Stoudemire could unlock Knicks’ offense

Originally Posted by el gringos
Why would you want him playing the 4? Being covered by and covering 4's? He is a bigger advantage against 3's and all you need is real nba shooters at the 4. IMO you don't ask your best player to change to fit in you should change the others to fit them around him. Sure it's not easy to find stretch 4/5's, but it's even harder to find this dominant of a power 3
Well, I did said he should play more at the four, not totally.

When Amare was out, that's exactly what he did under Woodson.

And nope, he was guarded by threes, and he was guarding threes.

Besides to think your best player shouldn't adjust is ridiculous.

Even LeBron had to adjust, he didn't win until he implemented a post game......

In other words, he worked with his back to the basket on the low block.

Unlike you though, I'm not endorsing trading amare to make this happen.
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