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Default Re: New stats on Carmelo Anthony, Amar’e Stoudemire could unlock Knicks’ offense

Originally Posted by knicksman
LOL this just shows your lack of knowledge to this game. Do you realize that stretch 4s are generally soft or small because the thinner/smaller you are, the better your shooting stroke is. So you have to sacrifice toughness just to accomodate melo. Sorry but youre not winning any chip with your stupid idea unless you get a dirk(who will turn melo into a 2nd option) as a stretch 4 or you have shaq/duncan as your 5 to compensate for your lack of toughness at the 4. Bargnani/scola aint getting it done. Theres a reason why those guys are inefficient/low impact players. Even kevin love whos considered a superstar is a low impact player because of his low efficiency. Power forward means POWER not soft and they are the ones who wins in this league. Thats why amare has been competing against the elites like duncan, dirk, oneal, etc while your boy melo is competing against fellow losers like carter, mcgrady, iverson with the title of lowest winning % in the playoffs. LOL Only idiots like dolan would build around melo when his history has already shown he cant win in this league. Thats why denver decided to cut costs and just there for entertainment because they already knew melo isnt the guy to build around.

yeah dolan got played by prokhorov big time. i was reading an article about the nets owner from a couple of years ago. what most people don't realize is that prokhorov could have been a world-class chess player, showing a genius level at the game by age six. dolan has no mind for strategizing-- at all. he's just an egomaniac with a ton of money to throw around that he never earned.
yet dolan is a guy born crossing home plate believing he hit a home run. this is dolan's m.o.: dolan got melo and got rid of lin based on emotion and ego.

meanwhile prokhorov was born and raised in poverty, and is completely self-made. he has been accused of being unethical in his business dealings which may have helped him accumulate wealth to another order of magnitude in a newly opened post-soviet russia. that said, the man is clearly a genius with a killer instinct, and is nothing if not focussed and disciplined.

it is likely the case that prokhorov played the feckless dolan like a violin, duping the crosstown rival, emotion-informed owner into overpaying a non-franchise talent that would mire the knicks in underachieving for years, while he builds his nets into true contenders.

those knick fans who stubbornly hold onto the hope that melo will somehow be the linchpin of a championship team need to realize how we got here.

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