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Default Re: The Walking Dead (television only) thread

Originally Posted by andgar923
The episode was uneven.

Some great scenes, moments. But as usual some head scratchers.

I don't mind that the battle wasn't as exciting as some wanted it to be. I think they handled it the best way it could've been handled. They couldn't have a shootout, they used guerrilla tactics against them.

My biggest WTF/SMH moment/s involved Andrea.

A. Why the fIck was she waiting so long to uncuff herself? she kept yapping and yapping away while nerd boy turned. He even had to remind her to hurry up.

B. I have never seen a woman take off her boots so quickly before in my life. Them shits just slipped off, something that I've never ever seen. Calf high leather boots take forever to take off with both hands. And the socks came off easily as well. I dare some of you to take off your socks right now was fast as she did. Shit, take off both of your shoes and socks as fast as she did without using your hands, I'll wait, post your time.

I did love the music, although I think it may have been distracting at times.

I did like some of the lines in this episode, specially the one by the gov in the opening scene, now that's a quote.

I thought the score was absolutely fantastic. Way to set the mood.

I really liked this episode. Probably my second favorite next to the Sophia reveal. No wasted moments, addition of a new hottie to the group, a chance to develop new and interesting cahracters...
This is like part 4 to movie trilogies. Now anybody can be killed off with shock because of the intro of new characters. Part 4 is where main characters die in horror flicks so perhaps Rick is the next to go
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