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Default Re: The Walking Dead (television only) thread

I felt it was a pretty good episode. The whole season was up and down, with some good high points, and some dismal low points. This for me was above average.

I like how they bracketed the episode with The Gov and Carl giving little speaches that sort of hit at the same sentiments. The Gov had that nice little catchphrase, that I'm sure these writers spent all offseason thinking of and couldn't wait to squeeze in somewhere "These days you either Kill or Die, or Die then Kill ... mwah ah ah ah!!!"
Then Carl gave his little "I did what I had to do dad ... not like you!" speech, that was really saying the same thing, just less bumper sticker-y. It felt like an effort to actually move a character in a direction, although using a kid may not have been my first choice, it was progress.

I also liked a lot of the Andrea/Milton stuff. Although it did extend the shows policy of having a Zombie approaching a character who's tied up for some reason to a Dimaggio type streak. You know the threat is becoming an issue when every week they seemingly have to find an excuse to tie a character up while a Zombie lurches toward them to build tension. But all that said the tension was good. I felt it was an odd choice not to show Milton get the bite. Because cutting away made it feel like she'd survived. And at that point her dieing became more of a shock, as evidenced by them saving it till the end. They could've twisted it by showing the bite, cutting to commercial, then coming back to see her hanging on for the closing speech. Michone's character has really rounded into shape between that scene, her short dialogue with Rick in this episode, Her voyage with Merle, and her trip with Carl, over the course of a few short sequences over about 4 weeks. That's as big a shocker as any as this season went on.

I was ok with the level of action. It felt a little amatuerish the way the Gov approached the prison. All of his prep, all of his equipment, some expert level guidance from guys like Martinez, and it never occurs to him to come from various sides, create a perimeter, to avoid an ambush? Instead he goes steamrolling in, driving over tire spikes, and blowing up guardtowers with a grenade launcher? It felt over the top agressive, which I suppose they were going for with the character, but that's not what we got out of that character all season. I wish they'dve killed him. That guy had run his course for me a while back now. Even the prison group could've done something like seal them in and take their trucks out on the outside, so they felt unusually unprepared as well.
Otherwise I'm ok with how the battle played out. I like how it was handled visually in the shadows of the caverns of the prison. And the Gov's inevitable melt down was nicely done.
I'd take what we got over that awfull season opening scene where Rick and Co. saved Daryl from a smoke filled zombie fighting arena that looked like something done for kitch in Hobo with a Shotgun.

Overall I'd say a C+, maybe B- episode which sort of mirrors the season as a whole.
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