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Default Just a thought about "Tanking"....

I know alot of you want to have a high draft pick for the Raptors this coming off season, so you think we should just tank this season. I understand that and a big part of me also agrees with that..

But i really like the fact that we are winning some games and hopefully we can continue on with that. I just think it could potentially be a better thing than tanking and bringing on a winning culture to our team and have our players get used to it. I would really much rather want our core of Derozan, Bargnani, Davis, Johnson&Johnson, and bayless to improve and get better by winning games then welcoming Valencuianas and a good mid round pick (maybe even trade for higher) into that system and culture RATHER than a deflated core of the latter that didnt win games and hoping to be saved by Val and a guy like Barnes or whoever gets drafted high and then potentially have that high draft pick not want to come to/stay in toronto.

To sum it up id rather have our team as a whole bring on a winning culture and improving rather than just being saved by a high draft pick.. Thoughts?!?! hm yea no yea no..

btw first i saw mikael (spell?) petrius at eaton centre a few weeks ago then amir johnson at EC in the champs...coolbeans
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