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Default Re: Just a thought about "Tanking"....

Originally Posted by bada bing
a winning culture will have no affect on a team if the team is not actually winning!! so what if we win a few meaningless games here and there? that does not set a culture. If we continue to win these meaningless games then this trend will just continue. If you want a winning culture then you need to have players and a team that has a potential to win against every team on a constant basis. Not just against worthless teams.

We need to tank now and draft. We can only build this team via a draft. We will not be able to get a star player on this team so we need to go via the draft. Also getting a draft pic within the 7-12th spot is also meaningless.

I would have agreed with you if we had a star player on this team that showed a lot of promise and potential. Right now, we do not have that player. We have a collection of very good players that would be gold on a young team with a star (aka the chicago bulls with Rose and his supporting staff)
Pretty much that.

You only build that winning culture with sustainable talent and winning. Being a consistent contender. Not by creeping into the playoffs as a low seed. That's not going to bring any prestige to your franchise or attract premium free agents. I don't think a Russel Westbrook or Steph Curry would think "oh wow, the Raptors made the playoffs as a 7th seed... I think I'll take a max contract from them rather than a max contract from the other more successful franchises".

Star talent not only help you win in the long run, but it will create that winning culture because it should make your team more attractive to free agents. And, like I've always said, the only way the Raptors are getting these kinds of players is through the draft. I don't want the Raptors to be like the Pacers have been. The Pacers right now look like the model of a treadmill team.
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