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Default Re: Just a thought about "Tanking"....

The raps are going to get a good player in the draft. They are not going to trade bargs until they see how him and val do in unison. I'm not a fan of tanking straight out, they'll lose alot of games, they have had a pretty easy sched so far and I still think they'll win 20 games, which should put them in the bottom five in the league. Developing a culture is huge, right now, albeit, only 6 games in, they lead the league in fg % defence and are giving up only 92 points per game. They are a fun team to watch, they play hard and have a nice balance of trying to win, while developing their young guys. Let the results be as they may. I'm totally happy with a 5-8 pick in the draft.
Right how we have clearly have no superstar, but bargs, derozen are pretty good second guys on a team. Val will probably be similar in impact. Maybe our draft pick can be as well, and we can build a team like the pistons, no superstars but a great team. Some cap space might help next summer as well.

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