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Default Re: Just a thought about "Tanking"....

Originally Posted by bada bing
a winning culture will have no affect on a team if the team is not actually winning!! so what if we win a few meaningless games here and there? that does not set a culture. If we continue to win these meaningless games then this trend will just continue. If you want a winning culture then you need to have players and a team that has a potential to win against every team on a constant basis. Not just against worthless teams.

We need to tank now and draft. We can only build this team via a draft. We will not be able to get a star player on this team so we need to go via the draft. Also getting a draft pic within the 7-12th spot is also meaningless.

I would have agreed with you if we had a star player on this team that showed a lot of promise and potential. Right now, we do not have that player. We have a collection of very good players that would be gold on a young team with a star (aka the chicago bulls with Rose and his supporting staff)

In total agreement. Not sure I could have said it better myself.

I'll just add that the Raps pushing for a playoff spot this season is the worst possible scenario for the long term success of this franchise.
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