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Default Re: "Julius Randle physically is the closest thing I have ever seen to Lebron James"

Originally Posted by plowking
Not sure I agree.

I think he is elite. He was bullying players far older and even larger than him. Strength is a large part of athleticism. Including length, which he has. He isn't the quickest out there, but he does have a phenomenal jump as well.

As far as athletic goes, 3/4 ain't bad, particularly when you're very good at 3 of the 4 categories.
Right, he's absolutely an elite prospect. But he's not an elite athlete, that's really his one knock I've seen so far. Not a bad one by any means, he's probably above average as an NBA 4, but I was talking about the Lebron comparison. That's ludicrous, Lebron's far and away the best basketball athlete I've ever seen.
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