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Default Re: 2015-16 Utah Jazz - The tanking is over!

but show good sign

7 guys did anyway.


• Always a bummer to lose the first one. However, all the signs of what is going to make the Jazz a good team were prevalent tonight. Jazz had a monster defensive stretch down the stretch. They balanced scoring of Favors, Burks, Hood and Hayward was evident. In a lot of ways if you are a 50 win team you win this game but if you are still in the process as we are you have a hard time coming up with this game.
They were a 50 win team at the end of last year. Why are they not trying to improve the roster?

• The Jazz defense for the final 8 minutes tonight was awesome.

* This was a slow paced game tonight. Very limited fast break chances. The Jazz defense was about 1 pt per possession at 92 points and near 92 possessions which is pretty strong
Like it will be all season I imagine. Was last year. All the talk in the pre-season about running was probably just talk again.

* The Jazz were the #1 offensive rebounding team in the NBA last year grabbing 29% of offensive rebounds. They were also #1 in the NBA in putback percentage. This is a large part of the Jazz offense. Trevor Booker is a large part of this. The Jazz got 4 offensive rebounds tonight.

Gobert is the biggest part and he got none.

• Jazz started Neto and Hood and the starting line-up had a really good start to the game. The defense was fabulous and the game was flowing. When the bench came into the game things got a little out of whack.


The Jazz missed Trevor Booker presence in a lot of ways tonight.
Mostly they missed having one of their 8 NBA caliber players.

• Rudy Gobert looked like Rudy Gobert again for the first time this year. He was active, he impacted the paint, he rebounded the ball and he made an offensive play or two. This may be as difficult a match-up as he will have all year. Andre Drummond is mammoth.

Drummond was no problem for him. Rudy didn't make the shots he took but his touch looked a lot better. It's just a matter of time before it starts to click amd he gets confident at that end. Could be scary.

• Derrick Favors was terrific. Can he score with Rudy on the floor? The answer was most certainly yes tonight. He was a force in the post on undersized stretch 4s. This is really important. If teams are going to play this stretch game with undersized 4s then Favors has to abuse them in the post and he did exactly that.

And if he doesn't the Jazz need to pull him and stagger his minutes with Rudy which they actually pulled off last night. They were the only two centers. I'd have no problem with that.

• Ersan Illysova may have won the game for the Pistons taking 4 offensive fouls tonight.

• What are the chances of a career 39% free throw shooter making 6 in a row. Since you asked the chances of that are 0.3% not 30% but .3%

• Detroit is going to be tough for people. They make the playoffs in the East.

• The shot distribution for the Jazz was off tonight. Hayward needs to get more looks. Hayward should be our leader in possessions used followed by Favors, Hood and Burks in some combination.
Not Trey? But he was so good again in pre-season!

• Raul Neto did a nice job as the starting point guard. He made his 2 threes which were the only threes the Jazz made all night. Neto was +12 tonight. He plays a nice floor game and finds people. He looked every bit an NBA starting point guard tonight.

Looked like an NBA rotation player anyway. Not sure if he's a starter ideally yet anyway.

• Rodney hood was 0 for 7 from 3. Really 0 for 5 and then two bombs out of desperation. However, the 5 were good looks. He need to knock those down. The Jazz need to be better than 2 of 12 from 3. Only 16% of the Jazz shots were threes, the league aveage is going to be near 25% this year. Alec didn’t attempt a three tonight.

Maybe because they can't shoot?

• The Jazz lost the most games of any team last year by 5 or less and only came from behind to win in the 4th quarter 3 times all year. However, the late game offensive execution was better than last year. The final numbers will be 3 for 8 shooting in the final 5 minutes but that includes Hoods two desperation three points. Jazz were 3 for 6 and 3 of 4 from the line with two turnovers before that time. Not great but better. Alec made some big shots and Gordon had a great driving lay-up.

• Jazz were down 5 with 5 to play hard to win that.

• With Trevor Booker out Jazz played a lot of small line-ups with Ingles or Hayward at the 4. The Jazz didn’t play either or Withey or Pleiss tonight .
Withey wasn't dressed! Don't understand that at all!

• Jazz played well tonight. They need to refine some things. This probably not a game they should be expected to win.

The 6th best team at the end of last year shouldn't be expected to beat a lottery team from the east?
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