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Default Re: The Official All-Time Houston Rockets Roster

Originally Posted by Jordandunk23
i don't think being one of the best defenders in houston rockets history is delusional.. it only shows lack of respect for his defense and his hard work game after game, season after season in houston. And I'm not taking away from mccray and reids accomplishments but if you think somebody is delusional for mentioning Shane Battier's name you sir are the one that's delusional.
first of all battier has only played 3 years at houston.

mccray played 5 years, and missed 5 games in total. he was the starting small forward of the team that went to the finals in '86, and took over as the rockets second best player when sampson went down in '87. mccray was a fantastic all-round player who could rebound and distribute the ball as good as almost anyone at his position in the league, on top of shooting the ball well from both the field and free throw line. he was also one of the best defenders in the nba and was named to the first team all defense on one occasion, along with one second team selection.

reid was the leader of the rockets, especially during the mid 80's. he played 11 years at houston. he was a top 3 small forward in '81, and could also rebound and distribute very well.

battier may be a good defender, but what else?
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