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Default Re: Where Should I PreOrder Battlefield 3?

Originally Posted by glidedrxlr22
Just get it from amazon and get release date delivery. You probably knew more than all the Gamestop employees together. That's usually the case when I go. No joke.

A few years ago when both Madden and NFL2K were battling it out, I asked some geeky employee at GS how both of the games were doing and he said that most people were buying both. I called bullsh!t on that. He thought he was gonna sell me two football games.

Amazon only gives you the extra maps though

Pre-Order Battlefield 3 with GameStop to receive the exclusive Physical Warfare Pack!

DAO-12 Shotgun
Flash Suppressor
Type 88 LMG
Flachette Ammo

im thinking about the early beta also 0.o
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