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Originally Posted by Shogon
People need to stop acting like USA basketball has fallen off the map. It's just that we send 2nd tier players who haven't played together that long. What do you think happened in 1988?

In order to overcome the lack of playing together, we MUST send our very best, otherwise we won't win gold.

So it's either... wait a long time for 2nd tier guys to develop together, or play the very best & win every game. Otherwise... no wins!

Tmac + Kobe + Duncan + Kidd + O Neal doesn't guarantee gold. There is no pure shooter in that group. Plus 3 of them will be old by 2008 and there's no telling if Tmac is going to pull a Grant Hill next year or Kobe rapin another girl.

No matter how much you argue "if we send our best we will win gold", well, try that, and prove it. Before it's proven on the court, it's all just talk and Greece basketball > Usa Basketball.
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