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Default Re: Series Thread: Brooklyn versus Raptors!

Originally Posted by missionman
Just curious - but let's say next year the Raptors keep this team mostly intact. Anyone else in favour of bringing back Vince? I like him as the guy to replace what Salmons does (which for many of you ISH'ers, you'll say is nothing). I just think it would be great to have yet another guy who has got a more complete offensive game, and who has the balls and ability to make key shots in crunch time.

I've actually read this a lot around here and other Raptor boards. I would take him over Salmons every time. I actually think he has enough left in the tank to be a good player coming off the bench. I think Vince's defense over the year has actually been decent too. His strength is still there. His durability has been remarkable since leaving Toronto. Played at an average about 78-79 games a season.

But I think more than anything if Vince comes back (he has said he wants to say in Dallas, though), it will be a legacy move firstly and then a basketball contributor to the Raptors secondly.
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