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Default Re: I have never seen a player recieve as much hate as Tracy McGrady

Originally Posted by Zak
The man has to put up with alot of ****. Constant back problems and such, do you really think it's his fault he has back problems? And when he does play he hustles like a madman, but falls due to a team filled with ****ty players. People bring up the fact that he has never made it past the first round, but never mention the fact that him and the orlando suck almost upset the pistons, with tmac carrying them all the way there. And those who say that he isn't clutch, tell that to the spurs a couple years ago. He almost had a triple double a few nights ago, and should have if chuck hayes could convert the passes t-mac gave him.when you hate on him, but remember his team has homecourt advantage, and the team has been riddled with injures the whole year. his supporting cast is at best mediocre without yao.

End rant, stop hating on t-mac.

Although I do think few others gets more hates, and I don't think this will stop the hating, but +1
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