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Default Re: How many of you DIDN'T like Jordan?

Originally Posted by Soccer10
Jordan perhaps wasn't hated but you need to factor in that there was no internet at the time and the media wasn't as bad as today etc.
They easily could've created a different image about Jordan.

However, what I've heard is that he was criticized in the 80's for being a ballhog and a guy who can't make people around him better.
Obviously, I can't speak to that because I wasn't even born during his first few seasons but I've also read some stuff.

Is it also true that once a reporter asked him why he doesn't make players around him better and he responded with "gimme better players"..or something like that?

I've heard many people say that what Jordan was going through in the 80's is somewhat simliar to what Kobe's going through now.

Didn't Jordan become all that when he beat the Lakers? I dunno, just what I've heard..

back in the day the big thing was that bird and magic made their teams better and jordan didn't. and 24 year old jordan's response was: give me james worthy and kareem and we'll see if i make them better. it was an ignorant statement really and you could see that he really respected both bird and magic by the way his game changed the next couple years, trying to pass more and shoot less like they did, but i don't think he really got the concept of empowering his teammates to take on responsibilities and believe in themselves until phil jackson got there. bird and magic seemed to have an innate understanding of that aspect of team ball. of course the veteran players they played with were better and required less leadership but it was very clear that magic and larry were exemplary leaders.
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